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It is especially important that the appropriate space approval is obtained in such cases because it also indicates that the department Approval sheet of a research paper meaning space is involved approves submitting a grant through another department.

The original PAF should reflect all years of support requested. Be sure to scroll through the whole page. Toward the end of each budget year, ORSP will send the Principal Investigator a notice to submit a renewal, which may be returned directly to ORSP unless there are changes in personnel or space assignments along with the progress report and budget for the coming year to be submitted to NIH.

Signatures for co-investigator units The Proposal Approval Form must be signed by the appropriate department heads and unit directors of the Participating Investigators and the Co-Investigators and by the designated representatives of the offices of the Deans. If continued support is requested of the sponsor after the initial award is received, a separate PAF should be submitted to ensure that all of the conditions agreed to under the initial funding e.

First, it indicates to the sponsor that adequate space is available in which to conduct the proposed research or other sponsored activities. Proposed Project Time Period The typical grant or contract application is for a period of from one to five years.

No PAF is necessary after the first year of the project period. Equally important, if cost sharing is approved on the PAF, it should be conspicuous in the proposal. Most foundations award support a year at a time, in which case the PAF should be made out for one year only.

Do trade secrets, business data, or technical or scientific information that needs to be included or protected in a proposal? Contact the Office of Contract Administration for a case-by-case examination of the proposed subcontract arrangement. Inter-unit Credit The eResearch Proposal Management system also collects information for those situations where faculty and staff from several units have participated in the development of the proposal and will collaborate in the conduct of the project.

For further information and procedures for obtaining necessary approvals, see the links above, and contact your ORSP Project Representative for assistance.

The information on the PAF should correspond to that section and include all the laboratory space indicated.

The lead time involved in submitting proposals may dictate that units "hedge their bets" regarding the assignment of space. Fringe benefits should be applied to the salary amounts to be cost-shared and added to the UM Sources column.

All relevant space allocations should be documented on the PAF and proper departments must approve these space commitments. The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that every key investigator of the proposed research has either a certified that he or she does not have a significant financial interest or b has disclosed such interest s on an.

If a PAF is submitted to cover only the first year of a project and a two-year award is received, for example, the original PAF must be amended to reflect the second year of support.

Departments receiving a PAF for signature should not make any alterations without contacting the originating department. Use of select agents Security controls of these agents are more stringent as a result of the Patriots Act. Other questions to be answered are: Signature Approvals Routing for approval occurs electronically.

Some sponsors do not require that a commitment of effort be stated in the application. Projects may involve individuals in two or more departments.

All cost-sharing commitments should be included in this section. Therefore, in some cases, the space identification may include the phrase "or equivalent space, as available.

Approval research meaning sheet a paper of

Use of human body substances Specify any human body substances used in this project, including blood products, all body fluids, organs, tissues, and pathology materials. The University recognizes two types of Principal Investigators: The signatures of these designated representatives signify their endorsement of any proposed distribution of direct costs and indirect cost recoveries.

If cost sharing is shown in the proposal to the sponsor, it should be approved on the PAF. Restrictions fall into standard, nonstandard, and classified categories.

For projects involving space in the University Hospitals buildings, approval must be obtained from the appropriate University Hospital Administration office in addition to approval of the head of the department to which the space is assigned.

There is, of course, an implied effort. The eRPM data set is the source for the award listings. The approval process is now handled online at http: The person should be a faculty member or equivalent--Instructor or higher in the faculty tenure track; Research Investigator or higher in the primary research track.

U-M Sponsor Principal Investigator Some grant programs are designed for beginning investigators such as individual post-doctoral research fellowships.

Proposal Approval Form (PAF)

Indicate if the project will be conducted off University property.What is the Proposal Approval Form (PAF)? The PAF is a summary of information about the project that is used for internal review and approval and data contains proposal information that must be routed via the U-M eResearch Proposal Management system and signed by university officials.

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Approval sheet of a research paper meaning
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