Black decker case marketing

The weaknesses re the biggest concern due to the fact that the brand is being associated with the consumer segment. Furthermore, enhancing the distribution channel will make easier customer access. Being known as a consumer brand, does not necessarily help the repressions-T segment.

Black Decker Case Marketing - Essay Example

The distribution of the Professional-Tradesmen tools have been inefficient and its distribution channels are very limited. Other Alternative Enhance retailers and distributors relationship and generate differentiation by replacing the color of the tools from charcoal to Industrial Yellow Changing the color will potentially generate a product differentiation; replacing the Harold color for industrial yellow, will distinct the consumers segment from the professional-T segment.

The new brand products should be primarily those that passed the high quality test, such as the Saws and Drills. The new products of Dealt brand will be Industrial Yellow because is extremely visible and is associated with security and safety.

Also, it succeeded with a similar strategy to substitute saw blades. These tradesmen buying decisions are based in buying sharp and high quality tools, as well as taking in consideration its differentiation from consumer tools. After a lot of thought this decision would cause substantial losses and this may also affect the Professional-Industrial Segment, as well as the Consumer tools segment.

This option may or not be viable. Therefore, this low quality perception needs to be addressed. Since the risk is too high, as well as cost and time, it would not be favorable at this moment.

The new brand will facilitate product repositioning associated with price, color and quality. According to the data from the case. Harvest Professional-Tradesmen Channels This is the fastest growing segment and harvesting will be a really bad decision, because this would only give advantages to the competitors to overtake that segment market with their great brand perception.

The perception that all B tools are for house shores and the misuses of the consumer tools in the Job site, are really taking a toll on the company.

This would not be a viable option. For re-branding purposes Dealt is perfect because it has a great awareness and buying interest. The Professional tool users want to be observed with equipment considered to be sharp and of high quality.

The distribution channels are another issue. Furthermore, Exhibit 2 map illustrates the market share vs. Besides the wrongful perception their products are high quality and the perception of their good service is intact. Such market perceptions are made from customer conversations, therefore, launching a new brand will have them talking.

Competition Positioning Exhibit 1 shows a perceptual map of market share vs. This strategy is very risky, due to the fact that the outcome is unpredictable and very costly. The tradesmen consider B as low quality because of the same problem, lack of differentiation. However, the strengths are wide; B has a very good brand awareness overall.their management realized that the American housewares market presented a significant opportunity.

a rechargeable flashlight. their product innovation line. Women mostly purchased this type of product and it was ranged at 60%. It was a success and that prompted to launch their two new rechargeable 1/5(1).

Case Analysis: The Black & Decker Corporation Synopsis Black & Decker Corporation is a corporation based in Towson, Maryland, United States, that designs and imports power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems.

Mariel Villalona Marketing Concepts and Commercialization Business Case Analysis Black & Decker Background Black & Decker Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of power tools and accessories, residential security hardware, outdoor tools and.

Black Decker Case Marketing - Essay Example Case Analysis Black & Decker Background Black & Decker Corporation Is one of the largest manufacturers of power tools and accessories, residential security hardware, outdoor tools and numerous other products.

The Black & Decker Corporation Case I. Problem Statement While Black & Decker is one of the 10 most known brand in the US, the brand’s branch selling tools to the professional-tradesmen, which was the original heart of consumers since the creation of the company, is facing a branding problem.

Indeed, the entire range offered to the professional-tradesmen segment is considered by those buyers. The Black & Decker is a B2B Marketing Case which deals with repositioning of the brand to deal with the issues it faces in a particular market segment.

Black decker case marketing
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