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Although using mobile phones in public may be of some nuisance to people in rare instances, it would be very unfair to ban them in such places, especially when we consider their enormous advantages for emergency communication. Libraries are another Cell phones in public places essay where the use of mobile phones should be banned or discouraged.

Moreover, through educational institutions and the media, government can give awareness about the proper use of mobile phones, instead of banning them altogether in public. In such situations, their use must be permitted. Written by - Safa Ahmed Sample Answer 4: Others think that people should be allowed to use mobile phones anywhere.

Some people think that mobile phones should be banned in public places like libraries, shop and on public transport. On the one hand, important messages need to be communicated to people even when they are in public places.

I agree with this view.

In order to ensure that the listener can hear properly, the caller often talks too loudly. New Batches- Every Monday Course fee: Discuss both views and give your opinion. The mobile phone usages in private cars are one of the main reasons for increased road accidents these days.

On the one hand, using mobile phones in public places can distract other people and divert their attentions.

IELTS Essay Ideas: Banning Mobile Phones

Sastri Road From Railway Station: Reasons for Not Banning Mobiles Phones in Public Places Mobiles do not need to be intrusive as they can easily be turned to silent or vibrate. Some studies have shown that talking on a phone while driving is equally impairing as drinking and driving. Nonetheless, I tend to believe that it is unreasonable to prohibit the use of such a useful communication device in public.

Socially, a mobile phone can be described as an intrusive tool. For instance, in a library, where people are pondering over the books, the constant mobile ringtones or the phone conversation will be intrusive or irritating.

However, I think that imposing some restrictions on mobile phone usages in public places would be a better idea. Concessions mobile phones should be banned in places where they interfere with equipment, interrupt a service or break rules, such as in a library, but in all other public places they should be allowed as long as they are used with respect to others Recommended.

Firstly, I believe that there is a strong correlation between the usage of the mobile phone in the public places, like public transportation and increased numbers of traffic accidents.

In summary, due to some benefits offered by the mobile phone usages in public places, it would be hard to ban its usages in public places. By simply banning mobiles in public places, we cannot perhaps solve this problem. It can disturb others while they are concentrating and reading in some places like libraries.

In spite of the views discussed above regarding banning the mobile phone in public places, there are some groups who consider mobile phone should not be banned in the public places. Secondly, the use of mobile phones for luring activities as facebook chatting, taking pictures, playing games, listening songs and so on can prove to be undesirable in public places.

Moreover, talking over the cell phone can increase the sufferings of the patients waiting in the room to see the doctor. We sometimes witness people talking loudly on mobile phones in theatres and movie halls and deny the enjoyment of the people who sit nearby.

To conclude, there is a real need to ban the use of mobile phones in public places. The mobile phone should be completely banned in the hospital as it not only disturbs the patients and others but could also tamper the highly sophisticated machines that are used to diagnosis patients.

When people traveling on a bus or train make or receive calls on their mobile phone, they are causing a great deal of disturbance to other passengers. For instance, a library mainly focuses on providing a quiet environment for readers; however, when people use mobile phones inside the libraries, the serenity of the environment is lost.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?Firstly, the benefit of banning mobile phones using in public transports is avoiding the heavy annoyance.

InMarrcus Ocarsson and Anthony Browne published an article inwhich argues that the government of Swedish should ban cell phones in. Some people argue that usage of cell phones should be prohibited in the public places.

Personally, I completely agree with this idea due to many reasons. In my opinion, there are many health and social problems that can occur as.

Band 9 essay sample: Should mobiles be banned in public places?

Should Cell Phones Be Banned From Public Places. I remember that when I was child, I saw one public service announcement in the television that was performed by Yul Brynner, who was an actor of "The King and I".

In an announcement, he said, "If I hadn't had smoking the cigarette, I would not have talked to you smoking was hazardous the. Nov 27,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Cell Phones In Public Places to help you write your own Essay. To sum up, mobile phones should not be banned in public places.

They are useful in emergency situation area, great entertainment and are helpful to keep in touch. Furthermore, in my opinion people cannot live without mobile phone in this global era.

However, sometimes people talking on their mobile phone disturb the surrounding environment and the general public. Because of this reason, several people have opined that the use of mobile phones should be banned in public places like libraries, shops and on buses and trains.

Cell phones in public places essay
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