Goin gangsta choosin cholita

A Vietnamese teen in Hayward, another Oakland suburb, "claims" Oakland - and by implication blackness - because he lived there as a child. In paragraph 10, the author speaks of the "hybridization" of American teens.

Some teenagers dismiss gangsta and cholo styles as "affections. Actresses such as Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry are most often credited with moving ahead both women, and those of Latino and African descent.

In Indiana a group of white school girls raised a national stir when they triggered an imitation race war at their virtually all white high school last fall simply by dressing "black". What do the opening paragraphs and final paragraph have in common? In his junior year in high school, he was one of several Arroyo students who were beaten up outside the school at lunchtime by a group of Samoans who came in cars from Oakland.

Goin’ Cholita Essay Sample

Although it may be easier for a child to join a group and feel accepted, they should also know that they would not truly be accepted until they accept themselves.

The essay also specifically talks about the state of California, where all this identity changing is happening due to the great diversity of race here.

What does the word mean? How convincing do you find her examples? Italian-Americans involved with the Mafia worked hard for family to be able to provide for them, but were also caught up in some bad stuff. The boys all wanna be black, the girls all wanna be Mexican. Whatever makes them feel better or boosts their self-esteem is okay, I guess?

For decades, the boundary was strictly policed and practically impermeable. At a restaurant in a minimall in Hayward, Nicole Huffstutler, thirteen, sits with her friends and describes herself as "Indian, German, French, Welsh, and, um It seems, there is always a particular culture that many people want to be associated with and hang around.

Embrace your family; you are one of us if you are in any group of people. The glamorous look may come from the comradely that these cultures have for members within.

Andrea Jones, twenty, an African American who grew up in the Bay Area suburbs of Union City and Hayward, is unimpressed by what she sees mainly as shallow mimicry. How does it apply to American teenagers?

What matters is that she thinks the choice is hers. Analyze the dialogue and actions of one of the teens in this article. With cultures melting together today and many marriages creating children of various backgrounds, it can be very confusing for children of these higher populated states to find out who they are.

Write a brief description about fifty words of yourself for a phone dialogue. Give some examples of an "affection".

Most of the white California teenagers interviewed for this article feel that they would rather be black or Mexican. In your opinion, is the teen totally confused or realistic about his or her identity? Students at virtually any school in the Bay Area can recount the details of at least one "race riot" in which a conflict between individuals escalated into a battle between their clans.

In a two-paragraph essay, describe the identity you would like to have and then explain why. Interpret the effects of peer pressure on you in the development of your identity.

It may be looked at as glamorous because of the popularity of its members or even how it is shown in the media, but it is most glamorous for those who are not of the decent because they finally have a place to belong among those who accept them because of it.

In-Class Writing Activities 1. By San Leandro was 65 percent white, 6 percent black, 15 percent Hispanic and 13 percent Asian or Pacific Islander. This respect for ancestors joined with expectations and role models in the media can make this seem more glamorous.

The glamour of this may be media-generated.

Because of the emphasis on heritage of the quickly populating cultures in their areas, many feel they do not belong. If you were to "claim" an identity, what would it be? Glamorous is a life where everyone else belongs because of how he or she looks or what ancestor they have which entitles them to prestige, finally because of the long awaited freedom and hardships that they had to endure to get there.

Kids should not be forced at such a young age to claim something they are not. Would you include your race? I wore big clothes, like you wear in jail. Do you think the selection provides an accurate or a distorted view of American teenage life? Sometimes young people fight over their differences.choosing identity, goin gansta choosin cholita claiming identity, cross identifying situation, nell bernstein Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

Apr 01,  · Jendayi Phillip April 2nd, English – Dr. Diaz Blog Post #10 On Wednesday, my group was assigned to read and analyze an essay by Nell Bernstein named “Goin’ Gangsta, Choosin’ Cholita”.

Goin’ Cholita Essay Sample. Goin’ Gangsta, Choosin’ Cholita, by Nell Bernstein, is claiming identity and describing how the youth in certain parts of the country are choosing their preferred identity rather than accepting their own.

Goin' Gangsta, Choosin' Cholita. by. Nell Bernstein Nell Bernstein (b. ) is editor of YO! (Youth Outlook), a bi-monthly youth newspaper put out by Pacific News Service.

Goin’ Gangsta, Choosin’ Cholita, by Nell Bernstein, is claiming identity and describing how the youth in certain parts of the country are choosing their preferred identity rather than accepting their own. As one of the several teenagers interviewed in Nell Berstein's "Goin' Gangsta, Choosin' Cholita" puts it, "You should be proud of what you are - every little piece and bit of what you are." Section Date Last Name Story.

Discussing Vocabulary/Using a Dictionary. 1. In paragraph 10, the author speaks of the "hybridization" of American teens.

Goin gangsta choosin cholita
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