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The Historia Augusta can tell us how the presence of Augustae at the head of the state was perceived in the West at the end of the Empire. For its author, the reign of a woman remains inconceivable.

Augustan History

Augustan History, Latin Historia Augusta, a collection of biographies of the Roman emperors (Augusti) from Hadrian to Numerian (–), an important source for the history of the Roman Empire.

The work is incomplete in its surviving form; there are no lives for – The Historia Augusta is the classic example of historiographic mystery.

The work purports to have been written by six authors at various moments of the reigns of Diocletian and Constantine. Some at least of the alleged authors claim to. The selected gobbet is certainly an remove from Historia Augusta or 'The Augustan background' and is usually a collection of the biographies of the roman Emperors during the period from to Among the many games that are played in the Historia Augusta is the invention of no less than fake documents, most charmingly introduced in the introduction of the Life of Aurelian.

Fake sources were not a new practice (cf. the invented letters in Plutarch 's Life of Alexander).

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