Introducing the sense of touch to students in a class

5 Senses Lessons, Activities, and Teaching Ideas

Take out the basket of objects from guided practice. Students who have physical disabilities or outdoor allergies during certain seasons may need assistance or alternate methods of completing the activity.

All the information we receive by our sense of sight and by our sense of hearing comes to our brain through nerve endings. Have each group participate in making an ABC pattern by playing their instruments at the appropriate time in the pattern.

What is That: Can You Touch?

They record what color they predict the bean was on a recording sheet such as the one seen here. Puig to the class. The students describe what they feel. It is the same with our skin.

For example, if we cut a finger, we put a Band-aid over the finger to keep out dirt that carries organisms that cause infection. I had to adapt and change this lesson today due to rainy weather. How would it differ from Braille? Also, visual learners will benefit from the chart and tallying.

I am going to assume that they know nothing, especially because some kids could not even multiply using the standard algorithm. We have to leave the building when the last of one of those two people want to leave usually 3: Your Sense of Smell gives details about how we use our noses to smell.


Smelling bottles are the rage right now. Ask your students to tell their partner to draw the opposite of hot on the back of the card. Waldrop, my mentor teacher, had never used the game either. With eyes closed or wearing blindfolds, students will be given pairs of circle shapes cut from various types of fabric and various grades of sandpaper.

Some useful titles include:Sense of Touch Science, level: Kindergarten five senses, sense of touch • Anticipatory Set: Introduce the lesson by having two volunteers come to the front of the classroom. One will place their hands in a pan of cool water; the other will place their hands in a pan of warm water.

Ask the class how the students may have known. The students graph the class's favorite texture. Discuss which is favorite The students count the beans using only the sense of touch. Students make patterns by using rough, smooth, bumpy textures, for example, rough, rough, soft, sticky, rough, rough, soft, sticky, etc.

They describe their patterns verbally and draw in journals. Making Sense of Our Senses. By Steven Hicks. Grades. PreK–K. Duration. Introduce students to the Five Senses Journal.

Give each student a journal and explain how each page works. Have students work in groups of four to explore the sense of touch with a tray of textured objects.

Chicago. and the Virginia Use these resources to teach students about the gift of the senses and how they work Special Topics Table of Contents Instructing Students With High-Incidence Disabilities in the introducing the sense of touch to students in a class General Education Classroom by Sharon Vaughn.

including the Gelman Library on the. An Introduction to the Senses Therese R. Tobecksen St. Andrew the Apostle th Place Calumet City IL () five senses. Students will draw a head and a hand print and label the sense of touch.

Making Sense of Our Senses

HOW TO TEACH THE FIVE SENSES. August 8, Teaching the five senses to our students is really important because children need to have an understanding of the world they live in. Understanding comes through their experiences of this world that they can only have through their five senses. It’s also important that we emphasize to our kids .

Introducing the sense of touch to students in a class
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