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In addition, agricultural schools have been established in Srinagar and Jammu Following the latter war, the countries reached the Simla Agreementagreeing on a Line of Control between their respective regions and committing to a peaceful resolution of the dispute through bilateral negotiations.

Also, the assembly elections saw the highest voter turnout in the state in the last 25 years, prompting Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to claim that it reflects the faith of the Kashmiri people in the democratic system of India and that they have given a jammu kashmir essay help message to the world".

Health and welfare Medical service is provided by hospitals and dispensaries scattered throughout the state, although accessibility to health care is somewhat lower in Ladakh than in other areas. Soil and water conditions vary across the valley.

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As a result of the India-Pakistan dispute over the Kashmir region, the route through the Jhelum valley from Srinagar to RawalpindiPakistan, was closed in the late s.

The range receives heavy precipitation in the forms of winter snowfall and summer rain and has extensive areas of pasture above the tree line. The outer zone consists of sandstones, clays, silts, and conglomerates, influenced by Himalayan folding movements and eroded to form long ridges and valleys called duns.

The lakes and rivers also provide fish and water chestnuts. People The cultural, ethnic, and linguistic composition of Jammu and Kashmir varies across the state by region.

The pressure of population on land is apparent everywhere, and all available resources are utilized.

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Much of the northeast of the state is covered by the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe. By the mids the Chinese army had entered the northeast portion of Ladakh.

Plants introduced in the s by Indian researchers have given rise to orchards and vegetable fields. The two major institutes of higher education are the University of Kashmir at Srinagar and the University of Jammu, both founded in There are many species of game birds, including vast numbers of migratory ducks.

In the plains and foothills of the southwestern region, colonization movements from the Punjab areas over a long period of time have produced numerous agricultural settlements. The Great Himalayas zone Geologically complex and topographically immense, the Great Himalayas contain ranges with numerous peaks reaching elevations of 20, feet 6, metres or higher, between which lie deeply entrenched remote valleys.

Felon voting rights essay philosophy essay on cultural relativism essay on events leading to civil war neopositivismo e filosofia analytical essay research paper on advanced concrete technology. In the s construction got under way on a rail link between Jammu and Baramula via Srinagar near the northern end of the vale.

Government and society Constitutional framework The state of Jammu and Kashmir retains a special status within the union government of India. In winter the hill dwellers return to lower areas to work in government-owned forests and timber mills.

Research paper about alcohol quizlet alien essays asl research paper linguistics. Precipitation is low, amounting to about 15 to 20 inches to mm per year, and it occurs mainly in the form of heavy but infrequent rain showers during the summer monsoon June to September.

Following the logic of Partitionmany people in Pakistan expected that Kashmir would join Pakistan. Pakistan suggests that this means that Kashmir either wants to be with Pakistan or independent.The northernmost state of India is Jammu and Kashmir.

It is part of the larger region of Kashmir, which has been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and China since the partition of India in The state is bounded on the northwest by the Pakistani-administered portion of Kashmir.

On the northeast and east it is bordered by two parts. inegalites scolaires dissertation meaning does a persuasive essay need a thesis statement the cons of homework center essay on robotics in military homework help number romans mosaics components of a literature review introduction avoid plagiarism in research paper a moment in my Jammu & Kashmir (India) Email:.

Since Jammu and Kashmir has been the most important issue in the India’s internal security scenario. Jammu and Kashmir was a major site of.

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Jammu and Kashmir

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behavior essays for students. how long is an essay proposal. India has control of 60% of the area of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu, Kashmir Valley, Ladakh and Siachen Glacier); Pakistan controls 30% of the region (Gilgit–Baltistan and Azad Kashmir).

(Subscription required (help)) Country: India. The issue of accession of the state of Jammu & Kashmir is not merely a question of controlling a piece of land over which two countries have a quarrel but Kashmir has gone through different phases since the splitting of former Hindustan in addition to emergence of two separate states of India and Pakistan.

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