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Follow updates on Facebook or Linkedin! These showed huge variations between eggs at different positions, and hatchability was poor at the places where eggs were overheated.

Perfect conditions for research purposes! A nice integrated approach so to say! After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: The ecological datasets are supplied by the lecturers of the course, in co-operation with PhD-students, covering plant, forestry, and animal topics.

I started working at "Het Spelderholt" in when Ron left to join Hubbard.

REG-31806 Ecological Methods I

Likely more will follow, the variations on this theme are endless. This was the theoretical basis that induced a huge change in the hatchery world. This kick-started a new area of practical incubation research, based on the control of eggshell temperature and embryo temperature.

The number of participating incubator companies working with ADP apparently not The final exam consists of three parts that will be marked separately; exemption for individual parts of this exam can be obtained by passing the respective three test during the course.

Emphasis will be placed on the use of data from plant-animal interactions and studies on individual plant or animal species; - introductory lectures will be followed by PC-based exercises to practice the application of statistical techniques to ecological data, where students work in pairs.

This was published insee this paper about the importance of air velocity in incubation. This was where Henry van den Brand came in the picture who from then onwards started to develop his interests in incubation as well and together we teamed up to explore new research areas for the hatchery industry.

Resource Ecology Group

The presentation will be evaluated based on the clarity and balance of the various components, the appropriateness of the statistical techniques applied, the data analyses, and the ecological interpretation of the results. There were 3 hatchers with 8.

The step from theory to practise still had to be made.

Resource Ecology Group (REG)

The course aims at providing the necessary statistical skills for the data analysis of BSc and MSc thesis projects and will enable the students to be able to understand and critically evaluate the analysis of ecological projects, such as described in scientific publications.

Nothing digital, so the temperatures were recorded on paper and I typed them over in the computer The knowledge of univariate test 1multivariate test 2 and applied statistical tests and their applications test 3 will be examined separately and individually in three multiple choice tests.

In the storage room I found a nice piece of equipment to measure the temperature of eggs. The first measurements of eggshell temperatures in practise were done in the Van Erp Hatchery broilers in St. Some exercises will be discussed interactively with the entire classroom at the end of each practical session, and correct answers will be made available then; - the 5th week of the course is reserved for applied statistics: Well, with some flexibility and loaded with good ideas this brought some nice opportunities!

The choice of appropriate test will be given attention in relation to the type of data under investigation. The Mother of all incubation thesis about embryo temperature was the one written by Ron Meijerhof in The results of the analyses of the large ecological dataset will be presented in a plenary session using PowerPoint.

Especially the paper he published with Gerard van Beek in was of importance for all further research about embryo temperature. Hatching eggs from our breeder farm were incubated in the hatchery and the chicks were placed in one of our broiler grow-out farms.

Since then, incubation research at Wageningen University is based on the control of embryo temperature and today they investigate all kinds of variations on this subject.

Attention will be paid to the sequence: In that same year we performed an experiment at "Het Spelderholt" to control eggshell temperature during incubation to mimic conditions in single stage and multi stage incubators. The first scientific paper Lourens et al. Students learn how to analyse hypothesis-centred ecological field research projects on plants, animals, and their environment, with emphasis on the appropriate choice and application of statistical techniques for the analysis of ecological data.

This course deals with the choice and application of univariate and multivariate statistical techniques and tests, for the interpretation of ecological field data.

The necessary theoretical statistical background is expected to be present. In the broiler farm we also used different temperature profiles to show the importance of good brooding temperatures as well.

Theoretical and emperical studies on temperature and moisture loss of hatching eggs during the pre-incubation period. The hatchery was abandoned how unfortunate Next to breeder farms and broiler farms, "Het Spelderholt", was equiped with a small semi-practical Petersime hatchery with 4 identical 8.NCP: Dr.

Juul Limpens tel [email protected] REG: Dr. Fred de Boer tel [email protected] 4 1. Introduction The MSc-thesis offers the challenge to demonstrate your ability to set up and to carry out a scientific research project in a self-responsible and independent manner.

Guidelines for preparing an MSc-thesis. The Resource Ecology Group performs research and education in community ecology of large herbivores, with particular emphasis on the interactions between herbivores and the vegetation. This is carried out at aggregation levels ranging from plant part to ecosystem, in both temperate and tropical regions.

Hypothalamic regulation of food intake during cancer Jvalini Dwarkasing Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of doctor PhD thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, NL () With references, with summaries in Dutch and English ISBN Resource Ecology Group (REG)» More Resource Ecology Group (REG) Education Units Contact.

Thesis at Wageningen University

Tel: (4) Fax: (4) [email protected] Internal WU postal number: REG - BSc Internship Resource Ecology REG - BSc Internship Resource Ecology REG - Thesis Resource Ecology.

In developing and writing this master thesis I,would like to express my appreciation to my supervisor Rene’van der Duim of Cultural Geography department for his encouragement, gentle advices and critical butconstructive criticism.

Reg thesis wur
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