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What there clearly can be controversy over, though, is how exactly the research agenda ought to proceed. Additionally, he asserts that no human ever existed "as an embryo from which stem cells" could practically have been harvested; and given that fully proven aspect of science, there is no reason to suggest that "…these embryos are human beings with the same moral status as adult human beings" Montague, This is because controversy over stem cell research generally tends to focus on the use of embryonic stem cells; but then, this leads to the more fundamental question of the legal, ethical, and metaphysical status of the embryo.

Given the nature of the issue at hand, these latter concerns clearly are not irrelevant. Works Cited American Medical Association.

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Stem cell science is thus drawn into the ongoing, highly divisive wars over abortion and the culture of life that have occupied a central stage in American law and politics over the last 30 years" In some organs, such as the gut and bone marrow, stem cells regularly divide to repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues.

Four months after getting the injections of embryonic stem cells, both patients could actually read some of the progressively smaller letters on an eye chart; the patient with Stargardt disease -- who is a graphic artist -- could read "five of the largest letters" on the eye chart.

This, of course, is tied to broader political conflicts regarding issues such as religion and abortion.

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This is likely why the main legislative barriers against stem cell research have always focused on embryonic stem cell research. If this paradigm is accepted, then whatever benefits could be produced by embryonic stem cell research would clearly be outweighed by unacceptability of the atrocities that would need to be committed in order to achieve those benefits.

In some adult tissues, such as bone marrow, muscle, and brain, discrete populations of adult stem cells generate replacements for cells that are lost through normal wear and tear, injury, or disease.

One of the positive outcomes of the research on these two patients was that the eyes did not reject the embryonic stem cells, Chang continued p. Over the course of the last several years, though, such regulations would seem to have become someone less salient both due to their relaxation under the Obama administration and to scientific innovations regarding adult stem cells, which have enabled scientists to somewhat circumvent the legislative debate surrounding embryonic stem cells.

Whitman believes the support of the Christian conservatives i. Benefits of stem cell research From the medical perspective, stem cell research is viewed as very promising due to the fact that if stem cells can be introduced into patients with a range of illnesses, they could possible help regenerate the tissues and organs of the patients and thereby help heal illnesses and especially degenerative illnesses that are currently incurable.

Select network Stem cell research is one of the important scientific and political issues of these modern times. The embryos used in these studies were created for reproductive purposes through in vitro fertilization procedures.

Before the injections, that patient could see none of the letters. The purpose of this sample essay, one of the many writing services offered by Ultiusis to develop a historical and scientific overview of this selected issue.

Again, as has been noted above, significantly greater ethical dilemmas inhere to research with embryonic stem cells than to research with adult stem cells.

Stem Cell Research Paper

When does life begin? Clearly, this conflict ultimately surpasses the bounds of science itself and is grounded in the differing religions and broader worldviews of different groups of people within the nation.

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Second, under certain physiologic or experimental conditions, they can be induced to become tissue- or organ-specific cells with special functions. Scientists discovered ways to derive embryonic stem cells from early mouse embryos more than 30 years ago, in Scientific history of stem cell research The organization Science Progress has provided a good summary of some of the main events that have marked the scientific history of stem cell research.

Stem cell research paper topic 1: This is reportedly the first research that has done with humans that had vision problems. When they were no longer needed for that purpose, they were donated for research with the informed consent of the donor.

Scientists are already using stem cells in the laboratory to screen new drugs and to develop model systems to study normal growth and identify the causes of birth defects.Throughout this paper I will discuss the ethical issues that stem cell research brings into light and the benefits that stem cell research brings into light that may just outweigh the ethical issues, then determine it these benefits and ethical issues really make stem cell research the most beneficial way to help cure diseases such as juvenile diabetes.

Excerpt from Term Paper: but, Cuomo continued, Bush's position " remains a minority view" (Hurlbut, ). Christine Todd Whitman, who served Bush as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in Bush's first term (she served from January to May ), and was the first female governor of New Jersey, supported embryonic stem cell research.

Stem Cell Research Paper Sample Summary Page A stem cell is specified type of cell possessing unique capability to renew itself and produce specialized types of cells.

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Stem cell research paper topics A stem cell research paper is somewhat different from other research papers and tend to be more advanced than your standard paper, mostly because it requires scientific knowledge or hard scientific facts. Stem cell research is one of the important scientific and political issues of these modern times.

The purpose of this sample essay, one of the many writing services offered by Ultius, is to develop a historical and scientific overview of this selected issue. The essay will begin with a general introduction to stem cell research.5/5(2). Stem cell research is one of the most fascinating areas of contemporary biology, but, as with many expanding fields of scientific inquiry, research on stem cells raises scientific questions as rapidly as it generates new discoveries.

Stem cell research term paper
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