Write a book in a weekend club donna kozik

Most of all, I wanted to prove to you that you could write a book in a weekend, pure and simple. Expert input on key topics. They make great Christmas and birthday gifts! If you do self-publish there are thousands of companies to consider--how do you know which is the right one?

In the article she says how writing a book is a huge gamble, much like starting a business. Change the lives of your readers: Many of you, though, are asking for more—beyond the template and the specific steps.

After you register, you can choose to participate in any of these weekends: The group members had a variety of skill sets so she was able to save research time and write with authority on a broad range of themes. The commitment and accountability some people crave—it will be like having your own personal book writing coach and cheerleader sitting right next to you!

I wanted to make these materials and event available to anyone who wants to write their book in a weekend. And the process led to a book that was well received. What it would take is a proven system, easy-to-understand instructions and a short, focused time dedicated to getting it done.

Podcast: Donna Kozik on How to Write a Book in a Weekend

When you think of about it, that does make sense. Here are the elements in my Reverse Book Club: I lead you step-by-step through the process and show you how.

You may be rolling your eyes and dissing my program simply because of its name. Secrets to streamline your writing and editing process so you can knock your book out in a matter of hours not weeks or months!

How To Write A Book In A Weekend

This home-study program will show you how to do all that and more! Create new revenue streams for you by using it as a springboard for additional information products, such as CDs and teleseminars. Being an author gives you this and more!

Write a Book in a Weekend? Now, in one "virtual" online weekend, you can create the one item that can lead you to: From the desk of 8: We can narrow it down and talk about it during our interview.

There are hundreds of places online claiming they can print and publish your book, but how do you know who to trust? The fact is, few of us realize that dream. We could do a personal memoir for you.

Fast Author Bonuses!

Even though everyone can have an opinion, the answers to your publishing questions will become crystal clear once you know the pros and cons of each method, and even several scenarios where you can have the best of both worlds!

Or how fun would it be to tell your family story or create a cookbook for family members or clients? Attract media interviews, potential high-level partners, endorsement requests and more speaking gigs. The idea is for you to make a decision, a plan of action and be inspired to finish your first—or your next—book.

With audios, templates and guides, it has everything you need to get started right away if you like.and my program that shows people how to Write a Book in a Weekend Donna Kozik Creator & Leader, Write a Book in a Weekend What eBook Type Are You?

Insights to Determine Which eBook Style Is Right for You! Donna Donna Kozik 2-time award winning author Founder, ultimedescente.com & the "Write a Book in a Weekend Club" on Facebook.

How-To Guide & Planner Includes:»»Book Completion Checklist»»“Declaration of Author Intention” Donna Kozik Creator & Leader, Write a Book in a Weekend This is the checklist Write a Book in a Weekend.

Your Virtual Office Assistant

Donna Kozik is a former newspaper editor and senior communications specialist. She is a two-time award-winning book author. Her write a book in a weekend event started out as a Facebook group and quickly took on a life of its own. Donna Kozik made $43k in one month sharing a passion and a path Donna is an award-winning author who shows Entrepreneurs how to get a book done to use as, what she calls, a big business card.

She does this through her virtual Write a Book in a Weekend events. Donna Kozik, Write a Book in a Weekend creator, is someone I have admired for the past five years.

We first met in person at a live event in southern California, and became fast friends as I saw how much she was doing to help .

Write a book in a weekend club donna kozik
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